Kelly Simms

A dedicated community leader and business professional, Kelly grew up in an adoptive family without any contact with her paternal family for most of her life. In 2017, she had the rare fortune of reconnecting with this family and learned that they are members of Qalipu First Nation. While grateful to their adoptive parents for a happy childhood and upbringing, a desire to better understand her birth father’s family and connection with Qalipu has put her on a path towards learning about, and integrating with, the urban Indigenous community in St. John’s.

Kelly has extensive professional experience that she seeks to employ as a Community Advocate to create positive change and empower those whose voices most often go unheard. She brings a powerful voice, grounded in personal and professional experience, and a desire to advance truth and reconciliation and to promote the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the province. At the same time, Kelly is committed to continuing their own journey of growth and connection.